Adagio TeaV episode 9: McMintolicious

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Adagio TeaV episode 9: McMintolicious

Postby ilya » Mar 2nd, '09, 04:01


Zack decides to give Irish Breakfast tea one more chance. Will they learn to live together, or is the relationship not meant to last. Watch and see.

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Postby silvermage2000 » Mar 2nd, '09, 13:56

Cool name the picture reminds me of saints pats day. Mint I do like that would be a interesting combo. Cant wait to watch the video.

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Postby hooksie » Mar 2nd, '09, 14:45

Well I have Irish Breakfast and mint samplers... This may have to be tomorrow mornings cup.

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Postby rspear » Mar 2nd, '09, 18:09

Another great episode and I love that we can now get blend samplers and drink/follow along with the new eps. Thanks again for taking the feedback and running with it. Keep up the good work!!

PS: I don't like tea to be too hot and burn off my taste buds either. It ruins the whole experience :)

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Postby Ryoruki » Mar 3rd, '09, 11:07

i love the idea for the sampler pack to taste along with!

mouth burn-age is never a good thing! unless you're some sort of tea-masochist o.o;;;

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Postby hooksie » Mar 3rd, '09, 11:12

amy210 wrote:Zack thinks we'd make fun of him because he doesn't want to burn his mouth.... I dunno about all of us, but I think quite a few of us like to let our tea cool to a non burning temperature before drinking.

Anyone else Agree?

Nah, part of my tea drinking experience is the 3rd degree burns.

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Postby Scottish » Mar 5th, '09, 09:43

Zack, my friend, I am sympathetic to the cooling issue (I have a pretty sensitive mouth), but dude, you can just edit out the cooling time :) The relaxed, informal vibe of the show is great, but your instincts are correct: the rambling can get a little uncomfortable.

I am really enjoying the podcasts, so I hope you take this as constructive criticism. Keep up the good work! :)


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Postby obsidianbladed » Mar 5th, '09, 15:30

Hi!! I just wanted to say thank you for featuring my blend, Emerald Spring! I hope you like it! :D

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