Monks Blend

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Monks Blend

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Does anyone know of any reliable or detailed sources for the origin of monks blend tea?
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Re: Monks Blend

Postby daidokorocha » Apr 16th, '16, 13:06 wrote:Does anyone know of any reliable or detailed sources for the origin of monks blend tea?

I don't typically do flavored, but I recently bought a tea called Monk's Blend from Teasource to have something different for cold brewing. Well... I later did a search for it on google and there seem to be several variations on this. The TeaSource doesn't have vanilla, but that seems to be common. It does have the red fruit flavor that seems to be common as well. As for the origin... David's Tea has this to say, although who knows really...

"This deliciously delicate blend is inspired by the tea traditions of monks in rural China. The story goes that these monks had to beg for their tea each morning, receiving small gifts of whatever people had on hand. This resulted in an unusual medley of many different tea types – from delicate white teas to rich oolongs and everything in between. The result? An intriguing melange of flavours, known as a “monk’s blend.”

Perhaps this is why there are so many different variations on the theme. For reference, the David's Tea blend is as follows

"And with floral jasmine pearls and velvety milk oolong, this luxurious blend is inspired by those classic mixes. Delicately perfumed and lightly creamy, it’s pure heaven in a cup."

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