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Aug 15th, '09, 15:40
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Pedro Garden Orange Pekoe - Imperial Teas

by Victoria » Aug 15th, '09, 15:40

I posted this one in TeaDay today, but I thought I would post here too since it is really quite an interesting tea. A few days ago the Poll/Topic of TeaDay discussion was going back to your TeaRoots. I was thinking Lipton's Bags but really it was any Ceylon. Funny I think I mentioned searching out a really nice Ceylon, when here under my roof, I had one all along. And this is a real beauty.

It is from Imperial Teas in the UK. Their site states: "Grown from the foot of Mt.Lavinia, Sri Lanka's highest point, up to the Rambodda Pass, Pedro is Ceylon's highest tea factory. This unusual and rare Ceylon is reminiscent of a good first flush Darjeeling with its yellow cup and fresh yet soft taste. The leaves are slightly open, well processed with portions of green leaf. A good example of Ceylon's potential to produce more complex charactered teas." ... turers_id=

Very mild, quite a unique flavor! Reminiscent of Darjeeling yes, but low astringency, quite unexpected for an Orange Pekoe. I highly recommend this for any black tea lovers searching for a bit of variety. Very nice.

Aug 15th, '09, 23:54
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Re: Pedro Garden Orange Pekoe - Imperial Teas

by shah82 » Aug 15th, '09, 23:54

I got the Derangula ceylon from CS. It seems to be off brand or close cousin of Vithanakande ceylon tea.

I was singularly impressed, and I hate ceylon teas, really. I've only genuinly liked Upton's Tea Bank ceylons (because it was processed like a congou, I think) before.

Ceylon teas are usually too mild and agreeable for me. A ceylon that's like a darjeeling would be kinda wierd...

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