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To start off, i'm a tea newbie. I've had tea at friends houses, but just ordered my own stuff.

I got the starter set today, and decided i'd try the irish breakfast first. I've had that tea at my friends' houses and loved it, yet when i made it here, it simply didn't taste right.

I boiled the water at the proper temperature and let it steep the proper amount of time.

Thus, im assuming my preparation was faulty.

How much milk/sugar, if any, should you put in a black tea?


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by vbguy772 » Feb 8th, '06, 21:34


It would be great if you registered as a user so those of us responding would know to whom we are speaking. That being said............

Adagio's Irish Breakfast is one of my favorite teas. I have it every morning. Please consider these variables when preparing your tea:

First, water quality is very important. Bad tasting water makes a bad cup of tea.

I start with boiling water and steep my Irish Breakfast for less time than Adagio suggests - usually only 3-4 minutes. I use one slightly rounded spoon of tea per 6-8 ounces of water. When the time is up, always remove the steeped tea from the leaves since leaving them in makes the tea bitter.

I put just a few drops of milk in my cup, then add the tea. Milk in breakfast teas makes a huge difference.

If you experiment with different amounts of tea and steeping times I'm sure you will find you can make a great cup of tea.

I hope this helps.

Happy sipping...............


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