Some interesting articles

Fully oxidized tea leaves for a robust cup.

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Dec 4th, '09, 14:55
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Some interesting articles

by teaisme » Dec 4th, '09, 14:55

I'm not here to put the fear into you, just found all of this rather interesting and informative. ... bb7c071723

Here are all their tea related articles. 129 of them for some light Christmas reading... ... d83d3f20d0

Very interesting stuff.

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Dec 4th, '09, 15:53
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Re: Some interesting articles

by Victoria » Dec 4th, '09, 15:53

Well as long as we keep to the good stuff, meaning as close to whole leaf as possible, the better. I guess.

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Dec 17th, '09, 17:56
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Re: Some interesting articles

by AlexZorach » Dec 17th, '09, 17:56

It's interesting that the CTC tea had higher Chromium content, thanks for sharing. All research seems to point towards the same general trend, which is that mass-produced food and drink has health risks.

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