1st Flush Darjeelings

Fully oxidized tea leaves for a robust cup.

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Apr 22nd, '10, 23:04
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Re: 1st Flush Darjeelings

by cindyt » Apr 22nd, '10, 23:04

Just saw it on Thunderbolt saying that they will have 1st flush ready in a few days.

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May 26th, '10, 16:12
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Re: 1st Flush Darjeelings

by AlexZorach » May 26th, '10, 16:12

Is it just me, or has anyone ever felt like the variation in quality from one year to the next can sometimes be greater than the variation due to freshness (i.e. that sometimes you might actually prefer last year's first flush)?

I'm starting to believe that the remarks about 1st flush being best right after picking is not true for all teas. I've had a few that have lost their prime quickly, or developed off aromas, but then again, I've also had that happen with autumn flush as well.

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May 27th, '10, 16:03
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Re: 1st Flush Darjeelings

by murrius » May 27th, '10, 16:03

FF darjeeling can vary a great deal from year to year. Last years FF puttabong blew my socks off but this year I find it just so so. It's also a personal taste thing as I know others are really enjoying this years puttabong.

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May 27th, '10, 16:22
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Re: 1st Flush Darjeelings

by virago_ns » May 27th, '10, 16:22

The 3 Darjeelings I got from Lochan Teas were AMAZING.

1) Margaret’s Hope FTGFOP 1 CH SPL - mildly astringent, honey and floral taste, very strong flavours for a Darjeeling.

2) Giddapahar SFTGFOP 1 CH SPL - just a hint of astringency, mild honey, a well rounded cup, perfectly balanced.

3) Soureni FTGFOP 1 - Falls between the 2 above for flavour. Tastes of honey and sweet corn with subtle floral, average astringency.

It was hard to pick a favorite since they all had unique qualities, but I would say I enjoyed the Giddapahar the best for it's balanced taste. I had a cup cool on me and it was quite nice cold as well.

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May 27th, '10, 22:52
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Re: 1st Flush Darjeelings

by TubbyCow » May 27th, '10, 22:52

virago_ns wrote:The 3 Darjeelings I got from Lochan Teas were AMAZING.
Agreed! I've already signed up for their second flush tasting. I think the Margaret's Hope was my favourite of the three.

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Jul 6th, '10, 15:50
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Re: 1st Flush Darjeelings

by Bhd » Jul 6th, '10, 15:50

Has anyone tried Thunderbolt's FFs this year?

I found it difficult to choose and ended up ordering the two Singbullis which are called "super fine", the two Goomtees and the Upper Jungpana.

None of those did really win me over, is that just me? The majority of the teas I ordered this year had a boiled vegetable touch to them in the liquor as two FFs did I had from the same vendor in 2008. The liquors I brewed did not have aromas as complex and long-lasting as I hope for when I buy my Darjeelings.

I love some of the SFs I had from Thunderbolt, but those FFs I have had were hard to handle for me. I brewed 2:30 min. Has anyone come across the same or an explanation for that?

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Jul 8th, '10, 13:28
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Re: 1st Flush Darjeelings

by TIM » Jul 8th, '10, 13:28

Rohini Wonder Tea this year is much palatable then Gopaldhara.

Unfortunately the rains and other botanical flourishes did not yield an desirable harvest this year for Gopa. Although I always admire the highest elevation Wonder tea from them, this year lower elevation special European invoice Rohini has a much richer less floral flavor.

Rohini is doing terrific as a garden and their AV plants which are used for Wonder Tea have a ripe fruit Champaign/Muscatel nuance which I love.

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