Iced Masala Chai HELP....

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Mar 29th, '10, 01:01
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Iced Masala Chai HELP....

by bdsmith1981 » Mar 29th, '10, 01:01

Hey noob question here....

Recently started making lots of iced tea with what I consider to be great success ( i.e. It tastes great and is much better for me than soda). So far, my favorite iced are the Mango and the Apricot Green. Anyway, I have have a bag of the Masala Chai and I cant seems to get it to taste right when iced. I'm following the same pattern of double-brewing then diluting with ice and it always turns of really weak. (For the record I'm brewing like 16oz of water to 4 heaping teaspoons) The adding enough ice to take the total liquid to about 28 oz. Thanks in Advance

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Mar 29th, '10, 23:47
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Re: Iced Masala Chai HELP....

by geeber1 » Mar 29th, '10, 23:47

When I brew Chai, I usually use WAY more Chai mixture than I do when I brew regular tea. For 16 oz. of water, I would probably use at least 2 tablespoons of Chai mixture.

I usually do 32 oz. of water with about 6 tablespoons of chai. I put the chai mixture into the water in a pan on the stove and bring it to a boil, and let it boil for 5 minutes or so. Then I strain it and put it back into the pot, and add sweetened condensed milk to taste, usually until it's that nice chai color. When I have it just right, I pour it into a pitcher and either drink it hot or put it in the fridge to cool down. I never pour it over ice when it's right off the stove, because it gets too diluted. If you want to pour it directly over ice, I would increase the amount of chai even more to keep it from being watery.

Good luck! With some experimenting it won't be long until you get it the way you like it. :)

And welcome to TeaChat!

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Apr 25th, '10, 12:49
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Re: Iced Masala Chai HELP....

by virago_ns » Apr 25th, '10, 12:49

you can also try boiling it in 1/2 milk 1/2 water mixture, pour out through a strainer and put in the fridge to cool. I usually add raw sugar afterwards as well. 1tsp per cup of liquid is what I use when I boil it.

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