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Sep 13th, '10, 04:47
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Re: nauseous??

by Komsip » Sep 13th, '10, 04:47

xdunlapx wrote:Can drinking a lot of tea make you nauseous? I've probably had 10 cups of tea today (replacing diet coke with tea... I have a diet coke habit that needs stopped) and all of a sudden I got nauseous. I've had plenty to eat today so my stomach is not empty or shouldn't be. This happened last night, too. I'm used to high amounts of caffeine since I drink like a 12 pack or more of diet coke a day so I don't think it's the tea but I can't be sure. Oh I might have to go to the bathroom... Ugh.

I've been drinking Tazo Organic Chai all day with a few diet cokes thrown in the mix. Could it be the caffeine or is it something else?
Caffeine is a fast acting stimulant drug, and you are overdosing on it. Yes this can make you nauseous, not strange.
Plus there are all sorts of other chemicals in tea except caffeine that can mess with your stomach.
At least your diet coke has only a limited number of ingredients, mostly water, CO2, some sweetener, and very small amounts of flavoring and coloring substances, that have been tested not to be harmful to human consumption. While tea is a natural product containing all sorts of things and isn't designed to be consumed by humans.
Many artificial sweeteners have a laxative effect, while tea on the other hand is constipative. So maybe switching from one to the other is too much of an abrupt change to how your intestines work, I have no real evidence to suggest that this would make you nauseous though.

Also I googled this product Tazo Organic Chai now and found the ingredients:
Black Teas, Ginger Root, Cinnamon Bark, Black Pepper, Cardamom Seed, Cloves and Star Anise Seed.
Cinnamon and cloves will definately make you nauseous if you injest too much. Maybe cardamom and star anise will too in big amounts.
Ginger shouldn't make you nauseous in these amounts though, but some people get a headache from eating ginger (but I don't think they do from just drinking tea with ginger).
All these spices together with tea is major cocktail of thousands of naturally occurring chemicals, some are toxic but shouldn't be harmful in normal doses, but you're going far above normal doses.
I think the best advice I can give is stop drinking so much! Maybe just drink some tap water instead (which has been tested to be safe), maybe take caffeine pills if you're a caffeine addict.
But drinking such big amounts of sode or tea is extreme, you don't know what's in those things, specially in the spices and the tea.

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