Hmm, interesting problem

Fully oxidized tea leaves for a robust cup.

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Jul 28th, '10, 02:40
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Re: Hmm, interesting problem

by xdunlapx » Jul 28th, '10, 02:40

I gave in and ordered the ingenuiTEA with the black sampler and added assam harmony and melody samplers to the order. So in a few days I'll be sipping higher quality tea. I hope I like them. I'm excited! :D

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Aug 25th, '10, 02:56
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Re: Hmm, interesting problem

by xdunlapx » Aug 25th, '10, 02:56

Well I found out I do not like assam teas. I did order a sampler of ceylon sonata which I like. Not as an every day tea but it's good. I'm finding I like ceylon blends.

I ordered a huge 31 tea sampler (each sample has only about 3 cups worth of tea in it. I ordered it from Golden Moon Teas. I found out I love Honey Pear tea from them. It's very tasty. So next time I buy tea I'll buy some of that. I have yet to try the other teas from that sampler as I found out I have an allergy to tea or the pesticides in tea. I get a lot of hives from it. Weird, I know. I tried my organic chai (bagged) after I stopped drinking tea for about a week and the hives were gone. I didn't get hives from that tea. I then tried the Honey Pear and got woke up with hives the next morning. :P

I am just starting to recover from throat and nose surgeries I had on monday so i have to wait until my throat is healed before I drink anything hot so it may be a few weeks before I can drink tea again. :(

I'd make iced tea but I don't like tea iced.

Aug 25th, '10, 12:53
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Re: Hmm, interesting problem

by Mr. Usaji » Aug 25th, '10, 12:53

xdunlapx, I think you need this: ... th=377_386

For $3 (or free if you order more from them), you get 5 samples of tea, some paper filters to brew it with if you don't have a teapot, and several booklets about Japanese tea and how to brew it. I'm already a Japanese tea fan and I thought it was great, even the tea bags.

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Aug 25th, '10, 13:46
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Re: Hmm, interesting problem

by entropyembrace » Aug 25th, '10, 13:46

The allergy is probably not from tea but from one of the additives they used to give the tea the honey-pear flavour.

If you have allergies and are buying flavoured teas check ALL of the ingridients.

Or you could buy pure, unflavoured tea which doesn´t come with much of an allergy risk since it has only on ingridient, Camellia sinensis leaves.

Aug 29th, '10, 15:08
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Re: Hmm, interesting problem

by ThatTeaShop » Aug 29th, '10, 15:08

I would try an Oolong tea, no real grassy flavor, and it has a nice aftertaste to it. I used to get my teas strictly from Stash or Celestal Seasonings, BUT then I realized there were better places to get them. There are a few different varities of Oolong out there, IMHO the best is the Ti Kuan Yin Oolong, the one I get is from the Guangdong Province in China. To me it differs slightly from the standard Oolong in that its flavor profile is a little less pronounced.

edit* and yes I realize that this is the Black Tea section, but I figured you might like Oolong.

Aug 30th, '10, 17:47
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Re: Hmm, interesting problem

by Kunkali » Aug 30th, '10, 17:47

Definitely a good Assam pekoe. I don't like ready made chai blends I like to make them myself and Assam pekoe has always been my preferred base

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