pantyhose tea

Fully oxidized tea leaves for a robust cup.

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Mar 28th 06 8:51 pm
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pantyhose tea

by jogrebe » Mar 28th 06 8:51 pm

Anyone up for some? Believe it or not there really is such a thing as pantyhose tea.

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Mar 29th 06 2:17 am
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by Kestrel » Mar 29th 06 2:17 am

That actually sounds delicious.

For that matter, so do the instant noodles and fried chicken.

Perhaps I should go find some dinner.

But that pantyhose tea sounds great.

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Mar 29th 06 2:47 am
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by Carnelian » Mar 29th 06 2:47 am

Sounds really tasty actually, and the name would lead to an interesting conversation. Much like my mother asking company if they would like me to make them "Monkey Brew" (golden monkey)
And while delving further into the topic I stumbled upon a section of the stash website; You Do WHAT With Tea? Seems interesting

Mar 29th 06 5:10 am
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by Elly » Mar 29th 06 5:10 am

John and Carnelian -- thank you for sharing those websites. Now I have more ideas for tea!

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Mar 29th 06 1:37 pm
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by MarshalN » Mar 29th 06 1:37 pm

I'm from Hong Kong, so yes, they do exist, although nowadays many places no longer really use pantyhose.

You can go to any Chinatown and find a sort of cafe and ask for milk tea, and chances are it'll be something similar.