Nov 21st, '10, 17:52
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Does Gongfu/Congou mean anything today? (Also, Souchong?)

by mbanu » Nov 21st, '10, 17:52

From my understanding, Gongfu/Congou was originally a designation used to distinguish tea processing from the older Xiaozhong/Souchong method. (And later, from the "Hongsui" broken-leaf mechanized methods imported from the British.) Does anyone in China still use the Xiaozhong method of tea processing anymore, though? I hear that even Lapsang Souchong is often simply smoked Gongfu-process leaf of lower-quality grades. What about mechanized whole-leaf rolling? Are teas processed in that way still Gongfu, or do they fall under "Hongsui" with the CTC? Maybe I have things all wrong?

If anyone can help clear up my confusion, it would be greatly appreciated. :)

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Nov 21st, '10, 18:23
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Re: Does Gongfu/Congou mean anything today? (Also, Souchong?)

by greenleafblue » Nov 21st, '10, 18:23

heard it refers to the way it's processed. gongfu black tea leaves are like small strips, (if you see what I mean?) and it takes skills to make it like that (picking of single leaves, not breaking the leaves during processing,...)

gongfu = 功夫 = skill

could be totally wrong :oops:

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