Russian Caravan

Fully oxidized tea leaves for a robust cup.

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Mar 11th, '11, 08:51
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Re: Russian Caravan

by dokpm0 » Mar 11th, '11, 08:51

I recently tried a sample of Russian Caravan, and will probably be ordering a tin in the near future. I do like smoky teas. I'm sipping on a mug of Lapsang Souchong at the moment.

May 21st, '11, 20:10
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Re: Russian Caravan

by BrandonTeaClub » May 21st, '11, 20:10

Russian Caravan is good for days where you want a smokey tea without smelling like a campfire all day. I have some RC from Samovar in San Francisco... It's okay for breakfast, but I wouldn't write an ode to it or anything.

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Jul 9th, '11, 20:48
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Re: Russian Caravan

by sherubtse » Jul 9th, '11, 20:48

Much depends, I think, on the quality of the LS (and other teas) used in the RC blend. I've had some LS that were way too smokey (to the point of making me feel unwell) and others that were only very mildly smokey. The latter are the ones of better quality.

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Sep 27th, '11, 17:37
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Re: Russian Caravan

by AlexZorach » Sep 27th, '11, 17:37

I actually tend to really like Russian Caravan blends...although they're highly variable and hard to generalize about.

Most lapsang souchong on the market is too smoky for me...and yet is also very mild and smooth, in terms of the base tea. I like the Russian caravan blends because they tend to mute the smokiness a bit, while adding more kick, in terms of bitterness, caffeine, and general strength of the tea itself.

But it's hard to generalize. I've seen some Russian Caravan that is smokier than some lapsang souchong, and particularly among the better lapsang souchong, the smoke can be subtle. My parents used to drink Murchie's Russian Caravan a lot, and I recall liking that one a whole lot, but I haven't tried it recently.

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