Lipton premium

Fully oxidized tea leaves for a robust cup.

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Nov 28th 06 3:16 pm
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by Madam Potts » Nov 28th 06 3:16 pm

Over the Thanksgiving holiday, I was in the lower, slower parts of Delaware....where fancy teas and stuff just don't exist. While strolling through the grocery store there, I saw the Lipton Pyramid Tea bags and it hit me what a boone that really is to spreading the word about tea (and higher quality tea). People who would have no access, no introduction to tea are now learning that there are differences, and higher qualities of tea (and tea prep). Sure it's in its most basic form....but in many cities across America - That's all ya got!

It is very easy to be cynical about Lipton. I also take for granted that living in NYC, I have soooo many options to find excellent tea and people who are knowledgable about it....

I caught myself with a quick smile across my face as I spied the new Lipton offerings. I have not tried it, but I decided to be more optimistic about Lipton (and thankful for tea!)

Madam Potts

Nov 28th 06 6:39 pm
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by diffuse » Nov 28th 06 6:39 pm

in scandinavia, lipton sells loose persian earl grey (earl grey w/jasmine) that is actually pretty lovely--i & several of my finickier tea-drinking friends enjoy it (last time i had to bring back five bags for everyone).

i don't know why they don't sell that tea here *pout*.

Dec 5th 06 4:48 am
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by indieanna » Dec 5th 06 4:48 am

Lipton is a tea tradition in the town that I'm from in Virginia, and I've been drinking it literally my entire life. Even though I am now wise to the wide variety of amazing tea options out there, I'm always going to hold a little bit of loyalty to the Lipton brand.

I've only tried one variety of the Premium tea bags: Black Pearl. I have to say that the taste and strength of it is very very similar to that of Lipton's traditional tea bags. Its quite good, but I don't think its worth spending the extra money on.

Jan 12th 07 8:25 pm
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by Mike in KY » Jan 12th 07 8:25 pm

I have tried Lipton's Black Pearl in the pyramid bags. It's a decent Ceylon blend.
The Lipton's Black Pearl is worth recommending when quality loose tea is unavailable or impractical, and I'm really spoiled as a loose tea snob.

Speaking of Lipton's, I found some inexpensive loose CTC Tanzanian tea at the Tea Table that seems to be what Liptons standard "brisk" tea only aspires to be. Very nice color and clarity, with a taste that is bright and lively right down to the bottom of the pot. It's really likeable, nice medium body, mild astringency and full flavor. Really surprising , even regardless of my low expectations when I bought it. :!: