Stale Yunnan gold is bitter?

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Aug 12th, '12, 17:27
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Stale Yunnan gold is bitter?

by Qoppa » Aug 12th, '12, 17:27

I seem to recall that stale tea doesn't turn bitter, just becomes weaker. However, I just brewed some year old Yunnan gold in my gaiwan, steeping for only a minute and it came out incredibly bitter. One minute can't possibly be too long a steeping time can it?

I don't want to toss it, but I'll have to if I can't find a way to make it taste better...

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Aug 13th, '12, 06:14
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Re: Stale Yunnan gold is bitter?

by » Aug 13th, '12, 06:14

if You used 10g taste can be bitter;p try some like 3/4g per gaiwan 90ml and 10s 5s 10s 15s 20s 30s 40s in 100C

Aug 13th, '12, 12:34
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Re: Stale Yunnan gold is bitter?

by beecrofter » Aug 13th, '12, 12:34

Try a second or third infusion, be conscious of the time.
First infusions for many teas go down the drain, and your infusion time is perhaps a bit long.
What you percieve as stale may just be tea leaves that are partially opened by humidity and thus able to give up more in a shorter infusion time.

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