tea keeping me awake

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Jun 9th 05 3:55 pm

tea keeping me awake

by charlotte » Jun 9th 05 3:55 pm

I was trying to find some info regarding the caffeine in tea vs the caffeine in coffee. I am a big coffee drinker - but drink iced tea during the summer months.

According to the literature I found, coffee has much more caffeine in it than tea - but for the past few weeks since I have gone into my hot weather tea drinking - I am awake until 2 or 3 AM.

I use just a regular tea - Lipton's or Louisiana, when I make my iced-tea.

I can drink coffee up until the time I go to bed without worrying about being able to sleep -

Anyone know why I am getting this effect from the tea?


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Jun 10th 05 7:38 pm
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the jitters

by chris » Jun 10th 05 7:38 pm

Thanks for the post.

While it is true that tea has more caffeine than coffee when measuring them in their dry form, this is false when comparing brewed coffee and tea.

Here is a link for the caffeine content in many popular drinks:


To save yourself some insomnia, you may wish to switch to herbals once the sun goes down. Here's a great Chamomile that's sure to send you to Dreamland:


Hope this helps,

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Jun 11th 05 1:53 am
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by Mina » Jun 11th 05 1:53 am

I'm a big fan of rooibos for the nighttime. It has a deepness that I don't get from herbal flavored teas, which makes it more satisfying to me. Deepness? Does that make sense? I mean that the taste and timbre (?) of rooibos is similar to black tea, minus the caffeine.

Jun 14th 05 2:04 am
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by chefmom » Jun 14th 05 2:04 am

I have to second the rooibos teas to wind down! Rooibos Capetown is a good one for the evening. There's a white chocolate toffe rooibos that goes great with a sweet dinner finale!

Jul 1st 05 9:07 am

Reducing caffeine in tea

by ElizMiss » Jul 1st 05 9:07 am

To decaffeinate black tea I use this tip offered by a tea shop: Pour a cup of your brew water over the leaves for 30 seconds (to remove 80-85% of caffeine) or 60 seconds (to remove up to 95%) then pour it off and brew as usual. This works for me-I drink my tea until late in the evening.

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Jul 16th 05 4:06 am
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by PeteVu » Jul 16th 05 4:06 am

wow thanks! im definately gonna try that tip! my sleep schedule is so sensitive and i usually forbid myself to drink tea after 9pm, but the thought of enjoying a cup in bed would be simply a dream. ^^