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Jul 26th, '13, 10:04
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Pu'er Shop's 2013 Premium Classics 58 Black Tea

by MEversbergII » Jul 26th, '13, 10:04

I was browsing Pu'er shop and found this: ... ts_id=1799

I've only had one Yunnanese hongcha before, as a sample from Yunnan Sourcing. I liked it! I enjoy good quality hongs in general, it seems, so when I stumbled across that I decided now was the time to grab it. 100g for 8 bucks seems reasonable to me.

So a week later I got my tea and brought it into work. My current work arrangements bias me towards teas that do well at boiling or near boiling, so I don't have to always sit there with a thermometer and wait for the water to cool properly before infusion.

Anyways, I prepared it 5.3g to 250ml in my little kyusu I have here. After a 60 second infusion I decanted it into my mug and had a try. Very pleasant. It is distinctly Yunnanese, with the peppery sort of flavor, combined with that mild astringency. It finishes with a malty, semi-sweet note. Aroma is also that distinctly familiar Yunnanese one. All in all a rich brew.

I don't have the other Yunnanese tea I'd had before - long gone - but if I recall, this is a little more subdued on the pepper notes.

For the sale price, I give it a thumbs up. Sometimes I come across teas that just put me off, even in the more "premium" type. This isn't one of them. Give it a try!


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Jul 28th, '13, 14:14
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Re: Pu'er Shop's 2013 Premium Classics 58 Black Tea

by donaldosborne » Jul 28th, '13, 14:14

Thanks for link, i will buy that in next month, budget for tea is so tight.
I add that link to my bookmarks.

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