looking for a certain tea

Fully oxidized tea leaves for a robust cup.

Jun 13th, '05, 19:39

looking for a certain tea

by tea lover » Jun 13th, '05, 19:39

anyone out there who can tell me where to find a black current tea ? I would appreciate it.

Jun 13th, '05, 21:59
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Contact: chefmom

by chefmom » Jun 13th, '05, 21:59

Although I 've never purchased black current tea here, this is a place that you will want to check out. I get my teas (loose leaf) from The Little Tea Pot www.thelittleteapot.net
The owners are Bob and Blanka Luedtke.

Jun 19th, '05, 20:07
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Contact: Sking

by Sking » Jun 19th, '05, 20:07

Lipton makes a tea with blueberry, black currant, and blackberry. It's called blue fruit tea, but it is only available in Europe. I am still looking for a way to buy it without having to travel.

Jun 29th, '05, 09:44
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hmm.. ever tried assam black tea

by shinjitsu_no_uta_2k5 » Jun 29th, '05, 09:44

how about the assam's black tea
it seems really popular here in guam but then again i don't know if they sell it off on the internet or something, i just know that this brand is particulary popular here in the islands since it is shipped straight from the china

Jul 10th, '05, 16:32
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black currant

by Morgan » Jul 10th, '05, 16:32

Twinings makes a black currant tea

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