Lack of large tins

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Nov 7th, '06, 11:11
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Lack of large tins

by Kestrel » Nov 7th, '06, 11:11

I noticed - you guys only have the large tins available for 7 out of the 21 kinds of black tea. I'm sad because I signed up for notification for when Assam Harmony came back in, and I got no notification, and now the large tins are all gone. :(

Are you guys going to be doing more large tins for the black teas?

Nov 7th, '06, 11:18
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by Amanda » Nov 7th, '06, 11:18

We have completely run out of 8 oz tins, and are waiting on the next shipment. We expect them after the holidays (you can imagine this gets a little frustrating for us as well ;) )

I did the notifications myself, so I know they were sent. Could it have arrived in a junk or spam folder by mistake?

Sorry for any inconvenience that may have been created,

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