Oct 1st 15 8:49 am
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Qimen & Yunnan - differences in taste between qualities?

by Belfaborac » Oct 1st 15 8:49 am

Greetings guys and girlies,

I wonder if some of the tea sages frequenting these pages might illuminate me on this question. Until lately I have largely been enjoying Indian and Ceylon teas, although certainly not exclusively, but recently I have gravitated increasingly towards Chinese teas.

What I'd like to know is how the taste profiles of Qimens and Yunnans change from the cheaper varieties through to the top grades? Do they progress in delicacy and decrease in boldness and earthiness, as is so often the case, or do they go the opposite way? Or maybe they change in different ways altogether?

Please do tell.

Oct 1st 15 9:31 pm
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Re: Qimen & Yunnan - differences in taste between qualities?

by ClarG » Oct 1st 15 9:31 pm

I've only had higher quality Yunnan black tea and it had golden tips and tasted sort of like dark honey, or grains/wheat to me if that makes sense.

The Keemun/Qimen teas I've had were either in blends bought in supermarket teas like Stash tea, and I have had Keemun Panda #1 from a cafe where I would buy loose tea that was originally from the Metropolitan tea company.