Russian Caravan tea

Fully oxidized tea leaves for a robust cup.

Nov 12th 15 7:37 pm
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Russian Caravan tea

by ClarG » Nov 12th 15 7:37 pm

Does anyone here enjoy Russian caravan tea?

I bought some today from a local tea shop and it had been awhile since I had it but I enjoyed it, and added milk.

I have been told from friends who are Russian or from the Ukraine that people there who drink black tea put raspberry jam in it.

Nov 13th 15 6:52 am
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Re: Russian Caravan tea

by Whalebreath » Nov 13th 15 6:52 am

Love Russian Caravan and haven't had any for a few years-Thanks for the reminder.

As to using jam in Tea that goes back to the Bad Old Days of communism when sugar was too precious to be used in Tea-instead it was reserved for brewing homemade booze-and cheap jam was the Tea sweetener of choice.

There was a popular song a man sings to his errant spouse that went something along the lines of "I'll forgive you even if you've got a man in there just don't put sugar in the Tea" (sounds better in Russian or Ukrainian.)

Communist produced Strawberry jam was so cheap we even saw in on shelves here in Canada-taken as barter in then popular counter trade deals.