Brewing Darjeeling properly

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Feb 7th 16 10:03 pm
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Brewing Darjeeling properly

by stockman » Feb 7th 16 10:03 pm


I was thinking the other day... Which is the best wa to brew darjeeling? I mean, what's the standard leaves/water ratio and brewing time?

For water temp I think that 5ºC works well for first flushes and 90-95ªC for summer and autum ones, I'm right?

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Feb 8th 16 2:05 am
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Re: Brewing Darjeeling properly

by Tead Off » Feb 8th 16 2:05 am

The flush does not tell us what kind of Darjeeling teas you are referring to. They produce green, oolong, and black teas. If you are referring to black teas, these are all oxidized to one degree or another and can handle boiling water. The 'standard' brewing parameter for English style tea is about 2.5-3 g per large pot, about 240-300ml for about 3 minutes. All this can be adjusted to taste.

If you want to brew in smaller pots, ie.(90-125ml), the same amount of leaves will give you several brews with water off the boil. Exactly how long is up to your taste. Can be very quick or 30-60sec depending on tea. Oxidized teas can take boiling water in most cases.