What to do with awful black tea / lapsang

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May 13th 16 4:14 pm
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Re: What to do with awful black tea / lapsang

by daidokorocha » May 13th 16 4:14 pm

It depends on the quality doesn't it more than rather or not it suits our tastebuds. For instance, I bought an incredibly bad tieguanyin (if I remember correctly) in Toronto once and I would not force that on anybody. I should have known for a massive transparent bag for 5 dollars. It just tasted like stale. There really is nothing worse than when a tea goes off... it makes my stomach churn. An overly artificial tasting tea I would definitely give away, as many people seem to like those. Gifts connote some type of speciality to me, so I would not want to give someone a very poor representation of something. Therefore, I would say the Lapsang would be okay to give away with some reservation, but I don't know about that oolong. :shock: Did you ever hear back from the co-worker?