Oct 31st, '17, 20:16
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Naturally Sweet Like Yunnan Imperial Golden Monkey?

by Draehl » Oct 31st, '17, 20:16

I recently broke into the world of loose leaf teas. Tried several kinds but my favorite so far is the Tealyra Yunnan Imperial Golden Monkey. I love the natural sweet flavor and it smells amazing. I was looking to try some others with a similar flavor profile. Either of a similar price/quality or if I could pay a little more to really step it up I'd consider it (it was 20$ for 100g)

What would you recommend?

Bonus points if it has a strong Qi. As an aside, I tried the highly recommended White2tea puerh sampler and got almost nothing out of any of the four types and didn't care for the flavor either, aside from the Autumn. Got much more from the Ocha Sencha green tea and the Yunnan Imperial Golden black, which seemed contrary to what I read about puerh.

Thanks for any recd you can provide!

Nov 1st, '17, 04:23
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Re: Naturally Sweet Like Yunnan Imperial Golden Monkey?

by 12Tea » Nov 1st, '17, 04:23

When it comes to finding sweet black tea, it's often hit and miss. So far, I find the Teasenz' Yunnan Gold is the most stable in quality and highly fragrant and sweet.

Nov 1st, '17, 08:17
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Re: Naturally Sweet Like Yunnan Imperial Golden Monkey?

by ethan » Nov 1st, '17, 08:17

There is so much sweet black tea, even with a cap of $20 for 100 grams. I ask if only sweetness is sought or some complexity (but not earthiness or bitterness).

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