Darjeeling with Calendula

Fully oxidized tea leaves for a robust cup.

Oct 8th, '07, 13:42
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Darjeeling with Calendula

by mike007 » Oct 8th, '07, 13:42

I had this darjeeling from Ineeka and it had calendula petals in it and i liked it alot but i am unable to find a site to order this in loose leaf form. I have been searching for a while but have not had any luck. It can be a black or an oolong, but if any of you know where this tea is plz tell, thank.

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Oct 8th, '07, 17:34
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by Space Samurai » Oct 8th, '07, 17:34

Hi, its been a while since I looked into Ineeka, but from what I remember, Ineeka was backed by a private estate, so it sounds like this darjeeling maybe a special blend of theirs, and possibly not something being sold wholesale to various suppliers.

Your best bet might be to try and obtain the petals and blend it yourself.

Sorry that I couldn't be of much help.

Oct 9th, '07, 00:40
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by jashnew » Oct 9th, '07, 00:40

Mike007- Try this. It looks like Amazon of all places has it.
http://www.amazon.com/Ineeka-Whole-Leaf ... B000EQ6AEA

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