tea and chocolate

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Sep 15th 05 12:47 pm

tea and chocolate

by erskine river » Sep 15th 05 12:47 pm

I am looking for advice on what sorts of chocolate to serve with various types of tea. Had earl grey flavored dark chocolate with a cup of earl grey tea recently, nice! Any other suggestions?Share your favorites.

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Sep 15th 05 1:04 pm
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by klemptor » Sep 15th 05 1:04 pm

I'm partial to dark chocolate, personally. A nice, smooth dark chocolate with a chocolate ganache filling is usually great with whatever black or dark oolong you choose to serve. I think that semisweet chocolate (like semisweet chocolate mousse) would go well with a good pu-erh.

If you're serving a lighter oolong, a green. or a white, I'd recommend something chocolate-flavored (instead of actual chocolate) because any kind of chocolate is going to overwhelm the taste of the tea. Maybe wafer crisps with white chocolate filling? Another idea is to make a white-chocolate whipped cream and serve it on the side with fresh fruit.

I don't generally drink herbals or rooibos, so I can't suggest anything for those.

I'd love to know where you found an earl grey-flavored chocolate - I'd love to try that!
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Sep 17th 05 8:58 am

tea and chocolate

by erskine river » Sep 17th 05 8:58 am

The Earl Grey chocolate was made by Dolfin, a Belgian company. They have a website www.dolfin.be and you should be able to find an American distributer, they do both dark and milk chocolates but the Earl Grey was an exquisite dark.