Sep 18th, '05, 13:43

wanting to write a review without placing an order

by miyakon » Sep 18th, '05, 13:43

I got tea from adagio, and I want to write a reveiw. The website says "write a review" icon wil appear on my screen if I am a return customer, but it doesn't. And, the instruction says I can only submit a review when I am placing an order.... WHY???

So, I am writing here,,,

I got Earl Gret Bravo. I was surprised becaused the appearence of the tea I got was very different from how the tea looked on the web.. Mine doesn't have blue flowerly things..
And,,, I have never got such strong immitation flavor for earl grey ever. I can hardly drink it... I don't know what to do with rest of tea.

I like the good service of Adagio tea and a large selection of tea, but I hope they sell regular earlgrey,,and better quality of tea.

Do they use only natural flavor???


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Sep 18th, '05, 16:48
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by Dronak » Sep 18th, '05, 16:48

Well, I think they only want you to review teas that you've tried. I doubt any system will guarantee that 100%, but only allowing you to review teas that you've purchased is probably about as close as they can get. I got some samples free through the link rewards program, but can't review them. I didn't quite understand that though, as they sent me the tea, it's not like I got it second-hand from a friend. *shrug* But yeah, it looks like you can only review teas you've bought directly from Adagio.

Anyway, once I placed an order, my front page changed and there was an option to write reviews. The only teas I can review though are the ones I ordered. And I noticed that for sampler packs, I can't review the separate teas in them, only the pack as a whole. If you are a return customer and aren't seeing the review option, check to see if you're logged in to the site. You need to be logged in to your account for the option to show.

Oh, there's another possible reason they may limit the review option, which I noticed when I looked at my review section. Adagio will give you $1 off a new purchase (the items currently in your cart/basket) for each review you write, up to $5 max. Because of this offer, they probably want to keep good track of who can review what items.

P.S. -- The earl grey sample I was sent tasted a little bitter to me, but the overall flavor was OK. I just had to add some sugar. Mine was labelled "earl grey" though, not "earl grey bravo". Since label names don't always match the web names (eroica caravan = lapsang souchong), I'm not sure if these are the same teas. If they are different, perhaps you can try to get "earl grey" instead of "earl grey bravo".

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Sep 18th, '05, 17:33
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by ilya » Sep 18th, '05, 17:33

The tea you received is in fact earl grey bravo. We are having a tough time getting cornflower pieces, so our latest batch did not include these flowers.

Sep 19th, '05, 10:00
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Re: wanting to write a review without placing an order

by jzero » Sep 19th, '05, 10:00

miyakon wrote: I have never got such strong immitation flavor for earl grey ever. I can hardly drink it... I don't know what to do with rest of tea.
I love most of Adagio's offerings, but I dislike their English Breakfast and their Earl Grey. The Earl Grey is extremely bitter and strong. I love to compare Adagio to Stash and Republic because Adagio's tea is often better and always cheaper, but I much prefer Stash's Earl and Double Earl or Republic's Earl Greyer.

I don't think it's the bergamot flavoring because Double Earl Grey and Earl Greyer have extra bergamot.

In any case, as for what to do with the extra tea, you could be lucky enough to sell, trade, or just plain give it to someone on TeaChat. Worked for me with my unwanted Earl Grey Bravo :D

I don't know how much traffic it would get, but I wonder if it would make sense to set up a forum where folks can sell and trade teas they don't want?

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Sep 19th, '05, 16:21
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by PeteVu » Sep 19th, '05, 16:21

are there any other sites (such as adagio and stash) that sell tea in airtight cans?

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