Assam Harmony Vs. Assam Melody

Fully oxidized tea leaves for a robust cup.

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Apr 6th, '08, 08:36
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Assam Harmony Vs. Assam Melody

by Katmandu » Apr 6th, '08, 08:36

Could any of you who like assams tell me what you think the difference is between the two other than the price?

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Apr 6th, '08, 09:39
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by RussianSoul » Apr 6th, '08, 09:39

To make it short: Harmony is smoother and more aromatic and has more yellow tips. Melody is a little stronger, has more body and substance. Both go very well with milk, Melody is just a hair better.

I am finishing samples of both right now, drank the last of Melody yesterday and have one more tsp of Harmony in the tin. Still I am undecided which of them to reorder - both are beautiful teas. I may just have to get both.

Apr 6th, '08, 10:23
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by Beanbean » Apr 6th, '08, 10:23

Hmm...ordered a bunch of samples, which I received last Thursday and I am slowly working my way through them. I received both Assam Harmony and Melody and I have tried the Harmony. While I did enjoy it, it didn't have the depth and complexity of the Assam that I am used to (I've been ordering Assam from the same seller for more than 10 years now). I'm happy to hear that the Melody might be a bit more robust. I'll give that one a try tomorrow morning.

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