kenya tea

Fully oxidized tea leaves for a robust cup.

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Jun 24th, '08, 14:40
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by Chip » Jun 24th, '08, 14:40

It sounds like Kenyan CTC, a processing method to create a nice unifom and easy to brew tea. I think it stand for cut, tear, curl. It is done by machine. Kenya produces more and more inexpensive black tea these days. It is used in blending quite a bit. Also used in teabags, "teabag."

Last I had it, it reminded me of something in between Assam and Ceylon in taste.

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Jun 24th, '08, 14:49
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by tseirPsaduJ » Jun 24th, '08, 14:49

That's what I had thought the last time I had Kenyan. It tasted like an assam-Ceylon blend, with a background of earth. It was fair, but I can't make a full opinion on it, as I haven't had any recently and my other was not very high quality. I suppose I should look for a well produced Kenyan and try it again.

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Jun 24th, '08, 16:24
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by omegapd » Jun 24th, '08, 16:24

Upton's tea has a nice selection of CTC Kenyan and other African tea. The best I've tried so far, though, has been Special Teas Kenyan. It's a single estate that tastes better than the majority of "English Breakfast" teas I've tried, albeit along the same lines as an EB. Excellent aroma, fruity, mild, just a really nice tea...


Jul 16th, '08, 17:35
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by Grubby » Jul 16th, '08, 17:35

I don't know much about it but i bought some rather cheap kenya "premium" black tea and its very tasty. It has that classic black tea flavour but with its own twist on it.
For the price i think kenya makes some very good black tea. We probably pay a little less because its not as famous as Darjeeling or Ceylon.

Did anyone else experience a fruity, almost lemon like (but still pleasant) taste?

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