Golden Yunnan vendors lately?

Fully oxidized tea leaves for a robust cup.

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Aug 11th 08 1:32 am
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by Salsero » Aug 11th 08 1:32 am

silverneedles wrote: :D Hi Sal

Hi, SN!


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Aug 11th 08 3:36 am
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by Teaman2 » Aug 11th 08 3:36 am

Jumping in here... I'm new to the Chat and noticed this thread.
I love a really good golden Yunnan tea as well. The one I have used to measure all Yunnan Gold teas by has been the one from Tao of Tea called Emporers Gold from several years ago. I don't know where they got it but the owner shops for most if not all his teas from the source, hence they have really good teas most of the time. ... _Gold.html

However this tea has varied over the years. I found it hard to find a year or two ago. Now they offer an organic version which I'm not sure is the same quality or source. But it might be worth a try for you. I notice they don't have bulk but they have tins of it still in stock.