All things around tea

Fully oxidized tea leaves for a robust cup.

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Nov 4th, '05, 06:13
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All things around tea

by cherryking » Nov 4th, '05, 06:13

In very old time, people found tea tree and used tea leaves to treat some diseases., then they created the letter of tea "茶". In those time, they could not image that 2000 years later, we discuss teas actively.

Tea has 2000 year's history, its function not ony for drink, but also for enjoy its culture and climate. We all adore brilliant history. Maybe tea is able to give us mysterious and fresh feelings.

Tea bring us to ancient time, give us gentle, tender memory in our life.

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Nov 4th, '05, 11:32
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by PeteVu » Nov 4th, '05, 11:32

plus, it tastes good.

Nov 4th, '05, 11:39


by Teatime » Nov 4th, '05, 11:39

Tea always makes me feel good inside no matter where I am or what I'm doing. Tea goes everywere with me.


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Nov 9th, '05, 01:30
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Re: All things around tea

by cherryking » Nov 9th, '05, 01:30

In old time, about 2000 years ago, people used tea to treat disease, they put tea leaf into hot water, and sick drank this kind of water, so called tea water. and found that tea water could give them more easy feeling.

Later, they realized that this tea water also has a good flavor, so they put tea leaf from different kinds of tea tree into hot water to find more flavor. Oh, what a great work !


Cheers and enjoy yourself !


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