Lipton Tea Equivilant

Fully oxidized tea leaves for a robust cup.

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Nov 29th, '05, 01:17
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Lipton Tea Equivilant

by rhpot1991 » Nov 29th, '05, 01:17

I am looking to get my mother some loose tea for xmas, I keep telling her how it is so much better than the junk you get at the super market. The problem is that she has some food alergies and a lot of flavored foods bother her. She drinks lipton decaf tea. What would be a good tea from adagio that I could order for her?

P.S. for any admins, would it be possible to replace the flavors in the 'gift ingenuiTEA set' so I can order her some tea that will not bother her?

Update: I emailed adagio about their decaf and it is out of stock till January, unfortunately my mother only drinks decaf so it looks like I will not be able to get her any adagio tea for xmas.
-Thanks, John

Dec 14th, '05, 19:18

Same dilema

by dagger2002 » Dec 14th, '05, 19:18

Ok i have the same dilema with my father except not a food allergy he just stubborn. and doesn't like flavored teas. He drinks just straight limpton tea any suggestions?

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Dec 14th, '05, 19:35
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by jogrebe » Dec 14th, '05, 19:35

I'd recommend picking up a few sample tins of lighter Chinese tea such as maybe Keemum and Golden Monkey (or in the decaf case a tin of decaf ceylon when it comes in) and a box of filter bags if you want to attempt to introduce them to higher quality tea, as if I remember right Lipton tea is a lighter black tea if I remember right. Beyond that I'd say after you've introduced him to something “better” to just let him drink what he likes without much of a fuss as many people simply prefer what they are used to enjoying as compared to something new. Its just like the one news story that I heard some time ago saying that a good number of Americans do not like higher quality Swiss chocolates because they are so used to the cheaper variety made by most US candy companies that it simply doesn't taste right in their opinion.

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