Thai Tea

Fully oxidized tea leaves for a robust cup.

Jan 1st 06 11:41 pm

Thai Tea

by Guest » Jan 1st 06 11:41 pm

Can anyone point me to a reputable merchant that sells Thai teas? Or perhaps a variaty sold by Adagio?

Specifically I'm looking for a black tea with a very orange to red coloring. A few of my favorite thai resaurants use loose leaf for their Iced Tea, but won't share a source for it.


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Jan 2nd 06 1:10 am
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by jogrebe » Jan 2nd 06 1:10 am

Did you see them make the thai tea so that you are sure that it was actually made from loose tea? Regradless try ... aitea.html I have personally ordered tea (not this product however) and have always been satisfied with my order, hence they are the first place that I go to for things that Adagio does not sell.

Feb 3rd 06 5:55 am
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Thai Tea

by auztin78 » Feb 3rd 06 5:55 am

Thai tea is basically black tea, several different spices, and orange food coloring. It's not a natural color :lol: . You should be able to find it in any asian supermarket on the tea isle. It normally comes in a 16oz bag. It brews to be rather bitter, so you have to add lots of sugar. More of a dessert than an everyday drink.