strainer or infuser?

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Jan 14th, '06, 06:18

strainer or infuser?

by erskine river » Jan 14th, '06, 06:18

Which is the better option using an infuser and removing it when the tea is strong enough or straining it and adding water to dilute the ever strengthening tea?If you were at a tea house which would you prefer or think was proper?

Jan 14th, '06, 08:59
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by garden gal » Jan 14th, '06, 08:59

Just personal preference I think but I prefer using the infuser. If it were at a large gathering though I always have a pot of hot water ready also as some like to really weaken it down in my family

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Jan 14th, '06, 12:01
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by vbguy772 » Jan 14th, '06, 12:01

I prefer to not steep in an infuser. An infuser doesn't allow the leaves to circulate freely in the water. I pick a teapot that is the exact size for the number of cups I am making, add the tea to the bottom of the teapot, then add the water and steep. When the time is up I then pour the tea into cups through an infuser. If I'm serving company, I preheat another teapot and strain into it, then serve. If you leave the tea leaves in the teapot many will become too strong or bitter. Adding more hot water simply dilutes the already bitter tea. I am hardly a tea expert, but I hope my comments will give you some food for thought.

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Feb 19th, '06, 19:28
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by Warden Andy » Feb 19th, '06, 19:28

I don't use an infusor for black tea when making it in a teapot. I have two teapots, one dedicated for brewing, and another for serving. I just strain the tea from the one teapot into the other teapot.

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