What's in an adagio red bloom?

Fully oxidized tea leaves for a robust cup.

May 28th, '09, 22:31
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What's in an adagio red bloom?

by Aegis » May 28th, '09, 22:31

I got one free with one of my orders and thought it was amazing. I'd like to get more but don't feel like buying a bunch of blooms. I thought it might be the keemum encore but was wrong. I'm about to order some keemum rhapsody but was wondering if you guys knew.

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Jul 19th, '09, 22:17
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by jjb » Jul 19th, '09, 22:17

The exact same thing happened to me. If I remember correctly, the flavor was very hardy and sweet—almost woody—and very complex. I figured it was a blend of some sort since they don't specify under its item description, but I don't know. Where's Chris the Adagio Maestro? He's the only Adagio staff member I've seen post on the forum.

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