More interesting names!

Let us know if you've found the perfect product for Adagio to sell.

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Sep 19th, '05, 17:10
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by PeteVu » Sep 19th, '05, 17:10

with a name like "snotbottom" im not so sure guest is particularly worse.

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Sep 19th, '05, 19:17
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by snotbottom » Sep 19th, '05, 19:17

I don't think snotbottom would make a good tea name, though!



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Sep 24th, '05, 00:18
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by klemptor » Sep 24th, '05, 00:18

Oh...Oh! I've got a good name:

Orange Acapella (because it's herbal and not accompanied by any tea)!

Sep 30th, '05, 19:50
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by Acoustic_Visions » Sep 30th, '05, 19:50

Saunka wrote:
chris wrote:Actually one of the names we were considering for one of the new herbals was "Rhapsody in Blueberry" ... but it was too long to fit on the label :(

Smaller fonts are your friends. ;)

Not if you're trying to read them from a shelf about 5 feet away they're not.. ;)

Dec 1st, '05, 01:42

by JamesBeach » Dec 1st, '05, 01:42

Raspberry Retard -- for those moments when you want to wind down.

What are you looking at?

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