German Rock Sugar

Let us know if you've found the perfect product for Adagio to sell.

Nov 30th, '05, 09:50
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German Rock Sugar

by Tiny's Teas » Nov 30th, '05, 09:50

I love using German Rock Sugar as my sugar source, especially with the IngenuiTea Pot. It measures really easy and it has a nice clean flavor. It is also less messy than regular white sugar. I think it would sell great from Adagio in one of the Adagio Tins. PLEASE ADAGIO (I guess I should say PLEASE CHRIS!) won't you consider this request???!!!!

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Nov 30th, '05, 14:28
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by chris » Nov 30th, '05, 14:28

Awww, how.... "sweet."

Unfortunately, I don't make most of the buying decisions at Adagio.... I just write the pretty words and bad jokes. I'll gladly pass this along to the "powers-that-be" though.

Out of curiousity, who is your supplier now - Teavana?

All the best,

Adagio Maestro

Dec 1st, '05, 13:06
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by Tiny's Teas » Dec 1st, '05, 13:06

Hi Chris,
Yes, I get German Rock Sugar & Mate Vana Tea from Teavana. Everything else has switched over to Adagio because I think you guys have better products - I'm just hoping to get all my tea and supplies at one easy place!!!

Also, I've been waiting ever so un-patiently for the large IngenuiTea Pot to be available...It is very late November and no word yet! My husband now LOVES my adagio teas and won't use a tea bag now - the only problem is I hate having to clean out my smaller IngenuiTea Pot all the time!!!!


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Dec 7th, '05, 09:08
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by Ghost of Tea » Dec 7th, '05, 09:08

So as a German...

Let me just tell you how great that stuff is. My grandmother keeps a JAR or the stuff...talkin' big glass jar here...on the countertop of her kitchen. When I was a kid I'd try to sneak in there and steal some out of there, because the stuff is just so darn yummy.

I love it when I visit...the only thing is...she still thinks I like my tea as sweet as when I was a kid. I swear she puts like 10 of the things in there. My tea ends up thick and fountain soda when the mix is off.

Now I miss my Omi again...

Alles Gute...

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