Green Rooibos??

Let us know if you've found the perfect product for Adagio to sell.

Dec 13th, '05, 20:42
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Green Rooibos??

by RedBus » Dec 13th, '05, 20:42

Just wondering if Adagio had any plans to carry a green rooibos? I've read up on the health benefits and it seems to have more anti-oxidants than the red variety(less processed). Also, this request is a bit selfish, I'm trying to avoid the guilt I feel when going to other companies besides Adagio for my tea :oops:

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Dec 13th, '05, 21:03
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by jogrebe » Dec 13th, '05, 21:03

There is nothing to feel bad about also buying tea from other companies, especially for things that Adagio doesn't stock. Its not practical for any one tea company to stock every tea that every customer wants but I must admit Adagio does a fairly find job at stocking a good selection of various high quality teas. At the same time if you look around this message board, note that even Chris and Ilya, who are Adagio employees will at times point people to other companies (often which they talk as if they personally know their owners) to find teas that Adagio does not stock.

Dec 13th, '05, 22:04
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by RedBus » Dec 13th, '05, 22:04

Well, not so much a guilt as I'd rather my money go to Adagio. Chris and Ilya do a great job of making this place feel like a community as opposed to just being another credit card number to some internet site.

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Dec 14th, '05, 01:01
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by Libertatis » Dec 14th, '05, 01:01

I agree adagio teas is awesome. they are the only company that i actually enjoy chatting with! (and that is saying a lot!) :shock:

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Dec 14th, '05, 09:05
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by chris » Dec 14th, '05, 09:05

Awww... thanks guys!

In all honesty, the real reason we do not carry a Green Rooibos is because we've yet to try one that we'd want to drink all the time. We've got a strict standard of never stocking teas that we wouldn't drink ourselves (this is the same reason we do not carry yerba mate).

However, SpecialTeas does carry a few flavored versions you may enjoy! Don't worry: they are good people over there and we're sure you'll come back!


Adagio Maestro

Dec 14th, '05, 23:12
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by RedBus » Dec 14th, '05, 23:12

Thanks for the reply Chris. I can't really comment on different green's as I've only had one-Teavana's rose garden which I highly recommend to anyone, although typical to their teas you can't taste much of the main ingredient it's still quite good.

May 27th, '06, 00:17
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by Quash » May 27th, '06, 00:17

Chris, you're an interesting guy. I've come across a few of your posts and you're clearly very business savvy. At the same time, one of your CS Reps suggested I go to Rishi Tea for oganic tea, I saw one of your staff make the same suggestion to another customer on this forum, in yet another thread you suggested where to get different tea bags and, just above, you suggested a customer take a look at SpecialTeas.

Above run-on sentence aside, I'm impressed with your confidence in your brand and customer loyalty and impressed with your open nature (recomendations to other sites and allowing customers to post reviews under each of your teas).

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May 27th, '06, 01:16
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by ilya » May 27th, '06, 01:16

As Chris is no longer with the company, I'll accept the praise myself :)

We think that most customer will be very happy with our selection and our quality, but we can't be all things to all people. When someone asks us for a tea we do not specialize in, we are happy to point them in the right direction.

May 27th, '06, 23:23
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by Darth Jeeling » May 27th, '06, 23:23

and a very good job you do, too.

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