"The Meaning of Tea" Movie

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Dec 24th, '09, 22:07
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"The Meaning of Tea" Movie

by mbishop » Dec 24th, '09, 22:07

Has anyone seen "The Meaning of Tea" (http://www.themeaningoftea.com/). I've only seen the clips, but it looks like a really interesting movie. There is an accompanying book of the same title as well.

Does anyone own the DVD? I'd love to see it, but can't see spending the money on a DVD I'd probably only watch once :( Couldn't find it on Hulu or anything either.

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Dec 25th, '09, 22:39
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Re: "The Meaning of Tea" Movie

by gingkoseto » Dec 25th, '09, 22:39

The trailer looks great! I hope to see it someday!
I never buy DVD either, and it seems they won't have screening in my region next year :shock: Hope pbs show it someday.

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Dec 26th, '09, 20:02
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Re: "The Meaning of Tea" Movie

by TubbyCow » Dec 26th, '09, 20:02

I haven't seen the movie, but I got the chance to review the book, and I imagine in some ways they're quite similar. It was a great read, and if given the chance, I'd definitely check out the movie. It's a good tea tag-along book, if you're into that sort of whatnot.

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Dec 26th, '09, 22:43
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Re: "The Meaning of Tea" Movie

by horsencl » Dec 26th, '09, 22:43

I just ordered the dvd and the book so I'll be sure to post here after watching. Looks like a great film.

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May 9th, '10, 14:16
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Re: "The Meaning of Tea" Movie

by rabbit » May 9th, '10, 14:16

Never heard of this, I'll have to check it out!

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May 9th, '10, 17:44
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Re: "The Meaning of Tea" Movie

by aya_s » May 9th, '10, 17:44

I saw a screening of it in SF. There is some gorgeous footage in there, including tea picking, tea processing, and teapots being made starting from flat sheets of metal.

I found the narrative path to be somewhat jumbled, and I would have preferred more detail about tea customs and *how* tea changes with each culture that it moves to, but I think that may be personal preference.

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May 9th, '10, 17:49
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Re: "The Meaning of Tea" Movie

by debunix » May 9th, '10, 17:49

Not yet available to 'save' on netflix.

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May 11th, '10, 11:19
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Re: "The Meaning of Tea" Movie

by spittingoutteeth » May 11th, '10, 11:19

I have RS links for this film; if interested, PM me...

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