Peppery taste in certain teas

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Feb 22nd, '10, 15:11
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Peppery taste in certain teas

by spittingoutteeth » Feb 22nd, '10, 15:11

I noticed a weird quality in a couple of teas I've had recently. There seems to be a very noticeable black pepper aftertaste that is kind of unpleasant and remains on the tongue for several minutes. I've noticed it with both a Vietnamese green (Che Xanh) and a green puerh in my collection, and they were both teas that have been sitting around for close to a year in paper bags. Can't remember if I noticed this pepper taste when they were new; could it be caused by poor aging?

Other than being a bit dry, there's not noticeable damage to the leaves and no visible mold or other contaminants.

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Feb 22nd, '10, 21:30
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Re: Peppery taste in certain teas

by Chip » Feb 22nd, '10, 21:30

Interesting, perhaps the same breed as Yunnan black that has a peppery bite to it?

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