Adagio question

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Mar 27th, '10, 09:48
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Adagio question

by Sententia » Mar 27th, '10, 09:48

If i have a gift certificate, could I buy tea with it and also pay for the shipping and handling with the money on the gift certificate or is that separate ?

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Mar 27th, '10, 21:32
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Re: Adagio question

by geeber1 » Mar 27th, '10, 21:32

I have had gift certs before, and I think that as long as the total amount of the certificate covers your entire order, including shipping, it will be included. But I could be wrong! It might be a good idea to email adagio and ask them to be sure.

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Mar 28th, '10, 04:14
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Re: Adagio question

by omegapd » Mar 28th, '10, 04:14

I'm pretty sure geeber is right- if the total with shipping is under the amount of the gift card, you're good to go!

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