Beer !

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Jun 4th, '10, 20:46
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Beer !

by skilfautdire » Jun 4th, '10, 20:46

Well, it comes to be that there is beer related to tea. To green tea. Organic green tea. With ginseng. Not actually a memorable drink, though, but not that bad. Anyone know of any other beer that has tea in it ?
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For the interested, the web site of Great Lakes Brewery is:

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Jun 4th, '10, 20:56
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Re: Beer !

by Victoria » Jun 4th, '10, 20:56

Humm interesting, but I think I'll pass.

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Jun 4th, '10, 21:57
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Re: Beer !

by Dresden » Jun 4th, '10, 21:57

Strange.... I'll stick to my Abita offerings... The new seasonal Abita Strawberry Harvest is amazing!

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Jun 5th, '10, 04:35
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Re: Beer !

by aya_s » Jun 5th, '10, 04:35

Hm, intriguing. I've had green tea cola, not tried tea beer, though...

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Jun 5th, '10, 13:38
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Re: Beer !

by LauraW » Jun 5th, '10, 13:38

Haven't had green tea beer, but we have a green tea liquor at work (which I've also seen at at least one liquor store) which isn't bad!

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Jun 5th, '10, 16:52
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Re: Beer !

by beachape » Jun 5th, '10, 16:52

Never seen green tea beer. I think i've seen some of that korean soju with green tea in it. Not sure tea and booze is a good mix. Tried whiskey tea...did not enjoy it.
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Jun 5th, '10, 17:13
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Re: Beer !

by Eastree » Jun 5th, '10, 17:13

Dresden wrote:Strange.... I'll stick to my Abita offerings... The new seasonal Abita Strawberry Harvest is amazing!
I keep forgetting that's in season D: It's hard to keep up when you're out of state.

(I spent a good bit of my young life about 20 minutes --without traffic -- from the brewery)

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