Dessert Recipes :)))) :DDDDD!!!!

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Jul 15th, '10, 18:58
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Dessert Recipes :)))) :DDDDD!!!!

by tinafatlard » Jul 15th, '10, 18:58

well even though this is a tea website i thought it could be more hahaha so if you have any good dessert recipe's please post them!!!! :D :D :D

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Jul 15th, '10, 21:27
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Re: Dessert Recipes :)))) :DDDDD!!!!

by Katy1977 » Jul 15th, '10, 21:27

Even though I'm a newbie here I love baking so decided to share this easy and delicious (semi) homemade Crumb Cake recipe:

-Preheat oven to 350 degrees
-Prepare one box yellow or white cake mix (or use your own homemade)
-Grease 11x13" rectangular baking pan
-Melt two sticks of butter and let cool
-Mix 3 cups flour, 1/2 cup white sugar, 1/2 cup brown sugar and 1T cinnamon in bowl
-Add melted butter to flour sugar and cinnamon mixture to make crumbs, mix together using spoon or your hands to make the crumbs
-Bake prepared mix for about 20 minutes at 350 degrees until the top becomes very lightly golden and it begins to not be so liquidy on the top
-Add the crumbs to the top of the cake and bake for an additional 15 minutes
-When crumb cake is cooled sprinkle powdered sugar on top and enjoy!

(You can also thinly slice some granny smith apples and layer them between the cake and the crumbs before baking.)

This is a delicious recipe, and I'm sure you will want to make (and enjoy) it again and again!

Oh boy, just wait until I start my Christmas cookies, I'll have to share some of those recipes with you too...:)


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Jul 16th, '10, 04:45
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Re: Dessert Recipes :)))) :DDDDD!!!!

by nonc_ron » Jul 16th, '10, 04:45

Katy1977 wrote:Hi,
Even though I'm a newbie here I love baking so decided to share this easy and delicious (semi) homemade Crumb Cake recipe:
ImageMay I have a large cup of tea with that?

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Jul 16th, '10, 10:34
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Re: Dessert Recipes :)))) :DDDDD!!!!

by spot52 » Jul 16th, '10, 10:34

It takes a lot of sand and wind. And keeping the sand dehydrated is key.

Aug 17th, '10, 17:09
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Re: Dessert Recipes :)))) :DDDDD!!!!

by Skippyandjif » Aug 17th, '10, 17:09

Dessert nachos:

1 bag of tortilla chips, salted but unflavored (any color; yellow works best)
Chocolate cake of your choice-- store-bought, homemade, whatever
Chocolate chips (as many kinds as you like, according to your tastes in chocolate)
Chocolate sauce
Blocks of white, milk, and dark chocolate
Nuts (optional)
Peanut butter (optional)
Other dessert spreads (jam, nutella, marshmallow fluff) (optional)
Aero bars


1. Grate the blocks of milk, white, and dark chocolate as you would blocks of cheese. Put them in the bowl.

2. Put the tortilla chips in the oven just long enough to make them warm and as fully crispy as possible. (Careful not to burn them!)

3. While the tortilla chips are warming, micorwave the chocolate sauce, or heat it on the stove.

4. Remove the chips from the oven and put them on a plate. Next, to make a series of layers:
a. Crumble up the chocolate cake on top of the chips
b. Pour on one or two of the "sauces" (i.e., chocolate sauce, peanut butter, jam)
c. Then crumble up the Aero bar
d. Time for the chocolate chips
e. Pour on one or two more "sauces"
f. Sprinkle on the nuts and grated chocolate

5. Enjoy!

Note: If you're going really heavy on the "sauces", you might want to put in layers of chips or crumbled-up cake to keep the whole thing from getting too runny. Generally, don't use a lot of each kind of sauce.

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Aug 17th, '10, 23:21
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Re: Dessert Recipes :)))) :DDDDD!!!!

by Amaikokonut » Aug 17th, '10, 23:21

Oh man, Aero bars. I haven't seen those in ages. They're impossible to find around here outside of specialty places like World Market.

I'm a pretty big fan of microwave chocolate cake:

Dry stuff:
3 tablespoons unsweetened cocoa powder
3 tablespoons sugar
1 tablespoon flour
1/4 teaspoon cinnamon

Wet stuff:
3 tablespoons milk
3 tablespoons canola oil
1 egg white
1/4 teaspoon almond extract (or vanilla or whatever you like, I just personally prefer almond).

Mix the dry stuff. Add the wet stuff. Put in some greased, microwave-safe dish (traditionally a mug, but I seem to get better results with a cereal bowl) Microwave for 2~ish minutes, more if it's still runny, but not overcooking it is key-- it's pretty horrifying if it's dry and overcooked.

Not the best cake in the universe, but the best you'll get for a 5-minute prep time. Goes great with whipped cream, a big glass of milk, or a creamy chai latte :)

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Aug 17th, '10, 23:29
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Re: Dessert Recipes :)))) :DDDDD!!!!

by Chip » Aug 17th, '10, 23:29

Amaikokonut wrote:Oh man, Aero bars. I haven't seen those in ages. They're impossible to find around here outside of specialty places like World Market.
Aero Bars ... I have those on my time trial/race bike (the peddling kind). :mrgreen:

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Aug 18th, '10, 03:21
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Re: Dessert Recipes :)))) :DDDDD!!!!

by mbishop » Aug 18th, '10, 03:21

Fried bananas!

I made my own recipe trying to copy a local Thai restaurant.

Ingredients: Banana(s)
Wonton wrappers
Cooking oil
Coconut milk
pet milk
corn starch

Directions: Cut the banana into slices about 1/3 of an inch thick. Then, place each just under the top center of a wonton wrapper, and then fold the wrapper in half, using water to seal the edges, then fold the left and right sides together and seal again with water. Should make a little rectangular shape. After you've wrapped all the slices, heat the oil in a frying pan and fry until crispy.

For the sauce, you heat the coconut milk along with pet milk and corn starch, until it's an almost icing like consistency. I don't have any exact measurements for this, but you can pretty much make it however you like. I've also heard of people using plain vanilla ice cream.

Just dip your fried bananas in the sauce and enjoy!

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