Completely off the Topic of Tea

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Sep 22nd, '10, 23:06
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by nickE » Sep 22nd, '10, 23:06

I'm probably just procrastinating studying for a law exam but this video is just so entertaining right now.

OK Go - White Knuckles

Just thought I'd share. :)

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Sep 22nd, '10, 23:20
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Re: OK Go

by theory » Sep 22nd, '10, 23:20

EXCELLENT taste in procrastination fare :D Personally, that was more or less why I've spent so much time on teachat :lol:

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Sep 22nd, '10, 23:29
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Re: OK Go

by Victoria » Sep 22nd, '10, 23:29

I did see a teacup. Sweet. :)

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