Lipton TV adverts

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Jan 4th, '11, 14:08
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Lipton TV adverts

by skilfautdire » Jan 4th, '11, 14:08

Surely many people have seen the Lipton green tea TV adverts running presently. The kind of commercial showing all incredibly smiling workers picking tea in the fields. I for one would be tired to smile like that all day long :)

Most, if not all workers are black. Next time I'll turn the sound on (we have a long-lasting habit of shutting the sound off during advertisements) eg. they might say their tea is growing somewhere in Africa.

Well, from visiting right now their web site, surely enough, their tea plantation is in East Africa, Kenya.

Are there any other, better tea green tea growing in Africa, that are sold by any well-known online tea vendors ?

Feb 17th, '11, 18:26
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Re: Lipton TV adverts

by bryan_drinks_tea » Feb 17th, '11, 18:26

I looked and I looked, but the old sites that sold the stuff aren't up anymore. If I happen to come across any of them i will be sure and post it here. good luck.

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