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Feb 16th, '11, 15:16
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Re: Teapot Cult

by entropyembrace » Feb 16th, '11, 15:16

Herb_Master wrote:
auhckw wrote: Over here, if a man (non muslim) wants to marry a girl (muslim), the man MUST convert to muslim. The bright side, the man can now marry 4 wifes and enjoy the muslim benefits given by the government.
My dilemma!!
I am totally unable to convert - apart from all my non-halal food requirements, would never be able to pray 5 times a day, tuck my prayer mat under my arm and off to the Mosque every friday, promise to do my best to take a haj to mecca

result = unable to marry my GF
Better live somewhere with secular law? :? :? :?

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