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Oct 15th, '13, 17:36
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Free Meditation Course

by bambooforest » Oct 15th, '13, 17:36

I'm a strong proponent of meditation and generally meditate twice a day.

It's something really worth learning how to do.

And it's not new age quackery: It's a practice that has many, many physical and mental benefits that have been verified by science. To see some you can click this link.

I wanted to pass along a course that's absolutely free until 11/16. I think using this course would be a very good way to easily learn meditation. The course is called "How to Meditate With Surprising Ease."

Here's a link to get the 24 dollar course for free: ... Code=dd104

To sign up is so easy. You don't even need to verify your email address and you won't be asked for any credit card information or even your address.

If you want to actually purchase this course so that you own it and it will never expire, here's another coupon to get it at half price for only 12 dollars (expires 10/31): ... ode=omc107

I have no connection to this course and am not an affiliate in any way. I simply believe that meditation is so beneficial and that anyone that's interested should give it a try.

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Nov 21st, '13, 03:07
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Re: Free Meditation Course

by 茶藝-TeaArt08 » Nov 21st, '13, 03:07

I saw this post a while back and meant to say "thanks" for posting this and never did. So...thank you for sharing the post. I don't know of the quality of their coursework but the intention of sharing an introduction to sitting practice is a beautiful one.


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