Something That Lingers

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Jan 17th, '14, 02:55
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Something That Lingers

by 茶藝-TeaArt08 » Jan 17th, '14, 02:55

Deep green needles glow against a cobalt sky;
They radiate something that only few can sense.
Snow white peaks, tops shrouded in the clouds,
Shine and echo, shine and echo
Through both sides of the skin line.
Oh, in all of this does lie some deep implication,
Yet when I try to say more, I become silent, mute.

- Ji Aoi Isshi

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Jan 17th, '14, 11:35
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Re: Something That Lingers

by Teaism » Jan 17th, '14, 11:35

Very poetic! I am inspired. :D

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