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May 13th, '14, 10:11
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by MEversbergII » May 13th, '14, 10:11

Here's my jam list: ... pigO97Qr5a

Couple days worth of tunes in case you need some background noise.


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May 13th, '14, 16:02
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Re: Musik

by 茶藝-TeaArt08 » May 13th, '14, 16:02

A couple days worth indeed! Emotive! Thanks for the link and the list. Ironically these past days I've been listening to Hammock and Tycho a fair bit. I put the play list on this morning while arranging a new tea setting in the tea room to pour "bowl style" Dong Ding wulong and the first album accompanied the morning's soft, cool air alive with birdsong nicely, properly contemplative for feeling the placement and harmony of each piece of teaware within the setting.


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