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Jul 5th, '07, 01:28
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T Ching Tasting Event

by Mary R » Jul 5th, '07, 01:28


T Ching has just announced their third community tasting event--this time the lucky leaf is Nepal's Meghma tea estate Spring 2007 oolong. The Simple Leaf sells this really tasty tea as 'Honeybee.'

At any rate, they're setting this one up a little differently. Previous participants: you will not automatically receive a sample as you have in the past. Mailing costs apparently got a little prohibitive, so in order to throw your hat in, new and old participants alike must contribute $3 (US, $4 International) to help with the shipping. You can do this through the T Ching Store. When you purchase the shipping, they'll capture your address and send you a 10-15g sample.

Of course, you could get 4 oz for $13.95 (+$5 shipping) direct from The Simple Leaf if you were so inclined.

As with previous tastings, T Ching will eventually put up a post where the participants can comment with their observations.

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Jul 12th, '07, 10:05
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by Mary R » Jul 12th, '07, 10:05


T Ching got the samples for their next tasting much earlier than anticipated, so they've decided to include it alongside the Meghma Oolong. So if you sign up for this month's tasting you will receive approximately 20 g of the Meghma Oolong and 20 grams of Kashanganj Snow Bud too.

To join, you will need to chip in $3 to help with shipping ($4 if you live outside the US). You can do so by clicking here. If you've already signed up for the Meghma Oolong, you'll automatically be sent the Kashaganj Snow Bud as well.

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