How much tea?

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Jul 18th, '07, 16:06
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How much tea?

by Space Samurai » Jul 18th, '07, 16:06

Ok, I have a digital scale now. What's a good guide line to start with, whats the g/ml ratio? What about for gongfu?

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Jul 18th, '07, 16:21
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by Eastree » Jul 18th, '07, 16:21

(My scale arrived today xD)

According to what I have mostly read, it seems to be about 3g/8oz (240ml) for normal steeping.

I haven't read anything recommended for gongfu brewing though.

Since you piqued my curiosity, I've read a bit. After a quick Google search, I've found several recommendations, but only a few recommendations for water-to-tea ratio.

One said 4:1
One said 1g:20ml
One said "[enough tea] at least to cover the bottom of the [yixing] tea pot"
And, of course, the same as I've read on this forum several times, filling the gongfu pot about 1/3 or so with leaves.

Bu I haven't found better yet D:
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Jul 18th, '07, 16:56
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by Chip » Jul 18th, '07, 16:56

I will weigh in on this one.

Now the fun begins...but now you can quantify your results and adjust accordingly.

Traditional English style calls for 2.3 grams per 6 oz. Works for black tea but little else.

Greens can really vary. For greens I always use 200 ml water...6.8 oz.
Chinese greens...depends on the tea, 3-5 grams.
Japanese greens...this is going to vary significantly by which vendor you talk to. Kevin at O-cha calls for 5 grams per 8 oz. Pretty good for me. Most sencha I use 4-5 grams/200 ml, never less, sometimes more. Kukicha, about the same deal, but gyokuro much more, around 2X as much as for sencha. Ippodo calls for 10g per 210 ml for sencha and gyokuro, but this seems like a waste of leaf and $$$.

Oolong, I use 125-150ml. I would expect to hear some others advice as well, but I will go with 6-7 grams for most rolled oolong and 4-5 grams for non rolled.

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